Saturday, October 8, 2011

1983 Rivera SU Eliminator drag bike with Clark Sargis at the controls

Cover Photo: The Rivera SU Eliminator Drag Bike with Clark Sargis at the controls readies for win at Baylands Raceway, Fremont, CA. Our insert gives a taste of Phil Cowan's pearlescent H-D custom that's as mean as it's pretty.

Contents: Harley-Davidson Softail; Litestar Future Vehicle Today; Python Pipes; BSA Blaster; Jet Bike; Two Stroke Terror; Fremont Drags; Prowling Pantah; Hot Pink; John Griego Funnybike; Red Toy; Rivera Eliminator; Evolution Motor; IDBA Drags; Norton Fastback; Razorback Kawa; Thailand Triumph; Riverside Roadracing; Cowan Harley; more

1983 November Street Chopper Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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