Sunday, October 23, 2011

1973 Street Choppers - Mike Barkulis' cherry midwest panhead

Cover: Mike Barkulis cherry midwest panhead on the shores of Lake Michigan. Mary Ann Reaks waits in the background; Features: Cycle Rama '73; Oil Coolers for Choppers; Test Jammin' The Honda 750 Four; Collector Header Guide; Bolt-On Trike Kit; Trick Bike Mounts; Technical: Lifter Sifter; Shop Stop; Wide 15 for the rear; Hot Head; Cycles: Mirage (Sportster), The Electric Harley (Sportster), Stiletto (BSA), Shop Bike (Ariel Square 4), Wheeler Dealer (Harley), Little Devil (Honda), Orange Crush (Sportster), Buzzard (Honda); more

1973 May Street Chopper Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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