Thursday, October 27, 2011

1970 Rusty Bradley Kawasaki Mach III Motorcycle Ad

We paid this man nearly $4000 an hour. He's Rusty Bradley, winner of three consecutive major races on Kawasaki's H1. That's the racing version of our Mach III street machine. For his hours on the track at these top events, Rusty has picked up $10,000 in prize money from Kawasaki. Which comes to $3,910.83 an hour.

And that's a bargain. Because it proves what we've been saying all along - Mach III is a born winner. The facts speak for themselves:

Rusty topped the field at the Talladega Inaugural Amateur Classic in the fastest time ever recorded for this division - 104.448 mph. At Daytona's 100 mile amateur, his 100.723 mph average set a new track record. In the Laconia amateur, he won with a record-breaking average of 72.47 mph. In all three races, Rusty was a private entry. Sponsored and maintained by Boston Cycle, Kawasaki's Boston dealer.

Now, are you ready for the Mach III street machine? It's the fastest production machine made, with an actual speed in excess of 124 mph. Highest power-to-weight ratio, too. 382 lbs., 60 hp. Plus CDI electronic ignition system with no points to set or wear out. And so much more. More than enough to show you what superior power and performance is all about. Mach III. At your Kawasaki dealer's now.

1970 Rusty Bradley Kawasaki Mach III Motorcycle Ad available at

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