Wednesday, October 5, 2011

1966 Yamaha Twin Jet 100 YL-1 Road Test / Specs

All-New 100cc two-stroke twin features fast and smooth performance. Performance is the little twin's forte. With nine and one half horsepower coming on strong at a screaming 850 rpm, it is thrilling to ride and especially thrilling to listen to when it's "on the pipes". And those big twin exhaust pipes are something unusual for a lightweight too, swept down under the pegs they emit a beautiful scream when peaked out in each gear...Photo: Just the ticket for a quick run to the beach when the "surf's up" - providing someone else is carrying the surfboard! The YL1 poses in front of a pier alng the Southern California coastline.

1966 Yamaha Twin Jet 100 YL-1 Road Test 2-Page Article available at

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