Monday, October 10, 2011

1966 Solo Suzuki X-6 Hustler

Can a heavyweight lover find happiness with a Hustler? Suzuki X6 Hustler is a lightweight (only 297 lbs. at the curb). But it's a machine a heavyweight cycle lover can be very happy with - for speed, performance, and price. For speed the Hustler hustles. It streaks from 0-60 in 6 seconds, turns a quarter in 15.11, or 14.82 if you're a pro named Yosho Itoh. For performance it develops a roaring 29 hp from a thundering Dual-Stroke, 2 cylinder 250cc engine. It has a six-speed gearbox that converts power into punch at every step of the way. For convenience there's Posi-Force, the automatic lubrication system bred from Suzuki Grand Prix champs. No mixing. No oil changine. No smoking. It's the combined best of 2 and 4-stroke engines. For the low price tag on the Hustler...see your dealer...

1966 Solo Suzuki X-6 Hustler Ad available at

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