Thursday, October 27, 2011

1971 Custom Chopper - Captain Nemo's Nautilus

Cover: Captain Nemos Nautilus; Contents: Custom Chopper visits Fiberglas Works; Charles McAlister's "A Different Look"; The Fiberglas Works man behind it Tracy Nelson; Santee Industries tell all; Howard McCall's "Captain Nemo's Nautilus"; Leroy Woods "King of the Street"; Jerry "Burke's Baby"; Mike Moran's "Super Cool"; It's an out front Triumph!; Craig "Lang's Love"; Chuck "Moore's Masterpiece!"; Barie "Duffin's Dream"; Showroom Stopper; Gil Langford's "Purple Trump"; Custom Chopper reviews some movie and T.V. bikes from the past - Flush's Yamaha - this is the famous motorcycle sidecar combo built in 1966 for Universal's "Out of Sight" a teenage spy thriller spoof type flick starring Rena Horten; Les Fitch's "It's Called Trouble"; more

1971 January Custom Chopper Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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