Saturday, September 10, 2011

1979 Supertest: Kawasaki's all-new KZ1000's

Special KZ1000 Supertest Section: The Z-1 performance program; KZ1000 Mk II; The Magic Z-1 Formula; KZ1000-ST; Minitests - Z-1R TC II Turbo & KZ1000 LTD; Tests: Yamaha YZ250F, Yamaha TZ750E Roadracer; Minitest- Honda XR80; Features: States and Manuals -why you shouldn't go by the book; Their Greatest Hits - the 50-stated faux pas hall of fame; more

KZ-1000 Z1 KZ1000ST Z1R Z1-R TCII YZ250-F YZ-250 TZ750-E TZ-750 XR-80

1979 April Cycle Guide Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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