Sunday, September 4, 2011

1969 Kawasaki 90cc - No Class

Like where do you put 90 cc's that'll take you up to 70 on the flat? It'll out-trot the 125's and make anything under that look like a scooter. Classless has a five speed box. And the first second generation rotary valve engine. With special port angles that put it roughly in the class of a racing type production engine. Besides a power range, it's the smoothest runner you've ever heard or felt in a two-stroke. Electric motor smooth. And a primary kick starting system to boot. Which means no fishing around for neutral. Just clutch and kick and it starts. Any gear. And of course it comes with oil injection. Like all of our models, this one has a double cradle, tubular steel frame. That means it's the toughest type you can get. And the lightest. (That goes for the trail version, too. Same high performance and versatility there. It's capable of a respectable 55.) What about price? Around what you'd expect to pay for a putt-putt type 50cc. Oh. Another thing. You just can't go in and ask for it by name. We don't know what to call it. But maybe you will...

1969 Kawasaki 90cc - No Class Ad available at

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