Saturday, September 3, 2011

1969 Indian Ponybike minibike. $295

Floyd Clymer Motorcycle Division Anouncement: The World's most interesting motorcycles are coming to the U.S.A. In offering our line of Mammoth and Indian motorcycles for enthusiasts throughout the world, our intentions and plans are as follows. We are strictly a custom-built motorcycle firm and have no intention of getting into the mass market...

Shown: Indian Ponybike - this unique road or trail bike has 3 speeds, 5 H.P., 45-48 mph. Full suspension front and rear. Dual seat, road or trail tires. 2 brakes, lites. Red or blue. A large minibike. Immediate delivery. $295

Indian 500 Roadster - powered by the world's best 500 OHV single, Velocette, either normal or Thruxton. A high performance "sporty" bike with Borrani rims, Ceriani forks. Tach. Campagnola twin disc front brake optional. Immediate deliver. $1450; with Thruxton 117 mph engine $1550

Indian 600 Roadster - $1750

Clymer-Munch Mammoth - U.S. price by boat $3400. German price at factory $3200

1969 Indian models now arriving in U.S. Ad available at

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