Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1967 Motorcyclist Magazine Back-Issue - Bonneville Speed Week & More!

Cover: The motorcycling fun theme is typified in this shot of John and Patti Flanders astride a new BMW R-60.

Contents: Speed Week at Bonneville; The 1968 Ducati's; Salinas Scrambles; 8-Miler at Ascot / Dan Haaby, BSA; Sacramento 25-Mile / George Roeder, Harley; Harley-Davidson's Big Twins for 1968; Boy Scout Graduation Ride; Bavarian Speed - the story of Ernst Henne and the pre-war BMW speed record motorcycles; Earls Court Show; Ulster G.P. / Mike Hailwood; Young man in a hurry - Chuck Jones; Meet the Clymer-Munch Mammoth; more


1967 November Motorcyclist Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

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