Sunday, September 11, 2011

1967 Gary Nixon - a profile and history

Gary Nixon - a proifile and history on Daytona's 1967 double winner and one of America's top racing stars.

Gary Nixon thinks it was Everett Brashear who first told him: "You want to be a racer, kid, you better start sticking your wheel in there with the leaders. You better make up your mind you can do it. No one will do it for you." An impressionalbe 21-year old at the time, Nixon instinctively took Brashear's advice. "I wanted to be a racer, I was out of money, and it was the only thing I could do. I started running every small and big race I could besides all the Nationals."...

1967 Gary Nixon - a profile and history 4-Page Article available at

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