Tuesday, September 21, 2010

1983 BMW Motorcycles - a production line with 2 speeds: slow & stop

Ride a motorcycle that didn't break any speed records on the assembly line. Today there are any number of motorcycles that will rocket through the quarter-mile in a hair-raising 13 seconds. Or less. All the more reason to consider how fast these same machines are rocketing through the factory. On any average day Suzuki, for example will whisk out 7000 bikes. Yamaha, 10000. And Honda, an eyebrow raising 14,000. Eyebrow-raising, at least to the engineers at BMW. Who have long believed that mass production leads to mass compromise. And who have avoided those compromises by maintaining a stern speed limit on the manufacture of BMW's. A speed limit that sees fewer than 150 motorcycles inch their way out of the Bavarian Motor Works on any given day.

A production line with two speeds: Slow and Stop. The Bavarian Motor Works is one of those rare places where a worker is more likely to be reprimanded for working too fast as opposed to too slow. And where craftsmen are still proud enough to sign their work...

The legendary motorcycles of Germany. BMW.

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