Sunday, September 12, 2010

1961 BSA Super Rocket Road Test

Cover: Top, BSA single rider lifts front wheel as he hits second gear on takeoff at So. Calif. drag races. Below left, Bud Baummer of the Checkers MC rides rear wheel of his Triumph coming into pits at Big Bear. Below right, French rider Andre Perout pilots Harley-Davidson Sprint to victory at Monthlery, France two-mile track.

Contents: Custom Bikes a Feature of Thompson's Show; BSA Super Rocket Road Test; Touring Hints; 1961 BSA Models; How a battery should be charged; Two Wheels to Old Mexico; Yokota Scrambles; Big Bear - the race that wasn't; Southern California Drag Racing; Tuning the Dellorto Carburetor; more

1961 March Cycle Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue - BSA available at

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