Sunday, September 19, 2010

1983 Harley-Davidson FLHT Classic Electra Glide

Finally, a motorcycle of the future that comes complete with a glorious past....Introducing the FLHT Electra Glide. It combines the best of both worlds. It has the size to stand up to head winds, side winds and 18 wheelers. Yet its unique frame and fork head positioning, as well as its 35' lean angle, make the FLHT handle and feel like a sport bike. New tubeless tires with a new tread design let you take it closer to the edge, rain or shine.

THe FLHT's unique tri-mount chassis utilizes maintenance free elastomer engine mounts that isolate the entire rear swing arm, 5-speed transmission, and massive 80 cubic inch V-Twin engine from the rest of the machine. So road shock and engine feedback are dampened out. And by enclosing the rear chain in an oil bath, we more than doubled its life.

The FLHT and the FLHT Classic, shown here, are loaded with innovations. But we haven't turned our back on the past. The distinctive Electra Glide fairing is still there. The simple elegance and unsurpassed riding comfort are ever present. Add to that the rich high gloss paint, the pinstriping, the deep chrome, the unique extras, the overall quality and craftsmanship, and you have the strict standard that remain unmatched. The all ne FLHT Electra Glide has it all - the look of a classic, with a glorious future.

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