Saturday, September 25, 2010

1990 Hot Damn! Kawasaki ZX-6 - a new rule-maker for 600 cc sportbikes

Cover: Kawasaki ZX-6

Contents: Tests: Kawasaki ZX6, Comparison - Kawasaki ZX-6 vs. Honda CBR600 vs. Suzuki Katana 600 vs. Yamaha FZR600; Comparison - Husqvarna WMX510 vs. Husaberg 500; Features: The Man who would buy Honda - Ed Lemco / Conquest; A Bimota built for 2; Big Sid's Passion - it's a Vincent; Vincentology 101 - how to tell a Gray Flash from a Black Shadow; the Dream Machine - at long last a ride on a Vincent; more

CBR-600 FZR-600 WMX-510

1990 March Cycle World Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue - Kawasaki available at

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