Thursday, September 16, 2010

1961 Matchless / Indian Singles for '61 - motorcycles from the Pinto to the Typhoon

Matchless / Indian, which offers the only complete line of singles and twins, presents the greatest collection of singles ever produced! Famous for over half a century for the best motorcycles built, Matchless/Indian this year brings you six thrilling new machines. Everything you could want in a single from the 150 c.c. two-stroke Pinto to the 600 c.c. Typhoon - plus the Papoose, a brand new scooter.

Shown: Pinto 150 c.c., Pathfinder 250 c.c. OHV, Arrow 250 c.c OHV, Westerner 500 c.c. OHV, Typhoon 600 c.c. OHV, Papoose 150 c.c.

Shown in photo: George Hewitt "110" wins another on his Matchless Typhoon.

1961 Matchless / Indian Singles for '61 Ad available at

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