Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Most Dangerous Bike Ever Built? - Meet the Suzuki TM-400 Cyclone

Cover Story: The Most Dangerous Bike Ever Built? - Meet the 1971 thru 1974 Suzuki TM-400 Cyclone. Examining the legend. In 1971 with a great deal of fanfare and hoopla, Suzuki introduced the TM-400 Cyclone motocross bike. Lots of hoopla! The press affair was held on a Warner Studios lot and Captain Kirk himself was the celebrity who worked the microphone...; Features: The Great Midsonian - a real bike museum; The Flying Finn - Heikki Mikkola - tribute to a champion; Triumph Valve Guide Fix 'Em; History for sale - here's what the bikes actually sell for - J. Wood & Co. Auction; more


1998 September Old Bike Journal #100 Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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