Wednesday, April 18, 2012

1972 Yamaha DT-2 250cc MX motorcycle test - "Almost but not quite"

"Almost, but not quite" could sum up this new motocrosser. The new Yamaha motocrosser is a pretty machine, and like most Japanese products today, the quality is tops throughout. It's a giant step in the right direction; a tremendous improvement over the DT-1 MX...we hope the future production machines will be improved. For what it's worth we'll give them our advice for free on the DT-2 MX. With the frame lowered an inch; the saddle lowered 2 inches; shorter shocks with better suspension; more torque at lower rpm with a broader power band; a less sensitive rear brake and higher handlebars for good measure, it could be a winner out of the crate...


1972 Yamaha DT-2 MX 250cc Road Test 5-Page Article available at

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