Thursday, April 26, 2012

1975 Custom Chopper - Ron's Rocket, another Finch Wheeled Creation

Feature Bikes: Ron's Rocket (Cover) - Not just a custom motorcycle, Finch's wheeled creations are truly metal sculpture and a unique art form; Just-A-Honda - from the Yosemite Sam Shop; Sculptured Stroker; Magoo's Scrapiron; The Purple Hog; Overdose ICBM; Tick Tock; The Swede; Technical: A Case of total repair - when a Sporty case goes at the countershaft you need Donny Rich; How to install Sportster cams - a Sifton cam installation by Lake-Shore Harley; Special Interest: Hardheaded Bargain; The Bike Shop Show; Meet Magoo; Special Features: Protest - a tool for bikers' rights; The "New" Harley Factory; Painter Profile - Michigan's Four Top Bike Finishers; more

1975 January Custom Chopper Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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