Monday, April 29, 2013

A Guide to Motorcycle Drag Racing by Mike Nelson - First Edition

Includes: Engine rebuilding; Carburetors; Ignitions; Cylinder heads; Nitrous Oxide; Riding Techniques Cover Photo: Scott Barger's 1425 cc 1992 Suzuki Katana Pro Comp bike. This book was written with the notion that many people were missing out on the fun of working on and experimenting with their motorcycles. You won't find a lot of fancy terms or theories that are hard to understand, jst ideas that have worked for myself and some very knowledgeable people in the sport of motorcycle drag racing today. I hope to give something interesting to everyone. The information in this book should be helpful to those just beginning to ride at the drags as well as those already racing. My goal is to present as much information as possible about the drag racing sport in the shortest amount of time. To some riders this will be common knowleddge, but to others it may be the information needed to allow them to enter the sport. There are so many ideas to pass along to the average rider it really is hard to imagine. So this book, along with your service manual and a lot of patience, should allow you to improve your biking and riding ability. You may be surprised at the performance improvements possible. I will try to cover ways to improve your tuning of engines. Many of the ideas are intended for the track and should never be used on the street. Much of the engine tuning and preparation comes from Scott Barger and Dan Brown of S&K Racing in Dayton, Ohio. Scott's riding abilities and Dan's knowledge of racing engines merit them as top contenders in the IDBA Pro Comp class. This class usually sees times in the mid seven second range. 1992 A Guide to Motorcycle Drag Racing by Mike Nelson - First Edition Book available at CLICK THE PICTURE TO "BUY IT NOW"

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