Wednesday, April 24, 2013

1972 Vintage Book "How to Win at Racing" by the Editors of Dirt Bike Magazine

Did you ever make a mistake and then regret it for years afterward? Have you ever wondered why the road to being a successful dirt racer was so difficult? Did you buy the wrong kind of machine at one time - and it cost you an arm and a leg to keep running - and you still never did worth a damn? Most of us have made mistakes like this only to have someone tell us at a later date..."Oh you didnt' know that? Well if you've been around that bike for any length of time at all you'd know they just don't work in the desert. You shoulda bought a..." Yeh. If only you had known. But who is going to tell you all the facts you need to know? ...Which brings us to the sole reason for this book. "How to Win at Racing" is designed and intended to give you the information that has heretofore been limited to the "insiders." The guys in the know. The pros. The winners. Contents: Introduction; Different types of racing and what kind of bike it takes to do the job; Racing rules and regulations; Where to get your racing cards; What does it really cost to go racing?; Protective Equipment; How to get started in racing the right way; The machines and what the pros do to make them right; How to get sponsore; How to get in shape for racing; Mental preparation through proper practice; Planning the race - from the garage to the starting line; Quick start techniques; Cornering - what you must know to win; Racing under muddy conditions; Rock riding - nobody's favorite; Secrets of sand riding; How to ride water hazards; Mastering downhills - the common weak link; Cutting uphills down to size; Jumping to save time - the professional way; Passing - how, when and where to make your move; How to slide; How to crash gracefully; How NOT to win at racing; How to kiss the trophy girl (You Devil, You) 1972 "How to Win at Racing" Book by the Editors of Dirt Bike available at CLICK THE PICTURE TO "BUY IT NOW"

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