Thursday, April 11, 2013

1971 Fall Motorcycle Sport Quarterly - Exclusive: Harley's Aluminum XR Engine

Cover: It's almost like an all-new engine, so drastic are Milwaukee's changes in the Sportster-based XR750 racer. Shorter stroke, alloy heads and barrels and Mikunis top the list of exciting new specifications which someday might be features on a Harley-Davidson roadster. Our in-depth preview begins on page 6. Contents: Special Tech Issue: Let's roll up our sleeves - introduction by Bob Greene; X-Ray of the XR - Harley-s Aluminum XR Engine; The State of the Art; Seeley Condor - the racing roadster; Colin Seeley; Triumph Torquer Barrels; All About Chains; Flat-Out Repair; Boost for the Baja; Every Kid wants a mini-cycle; Volumetric Efficiency; Machines of the Future Passed: Velocette Vignette, Super Stocker, Norsa - Star Meets Manx, Babe's Beauty, Rare Vincent Rapide; Moto Guzzi Under Glass; Wheels; Build a 149-MPH Bridgestone 350; New Model Preview 1972; Closed: The Ignition Gap; Soft Tools for Hard Situations; All-Purpose Alpina; Low-Buck Honda Hauler; Accessory Scene; Sources of Supply; more 1971 Fall Motorcycle Sport Quarterly Magazine Back-Issue available at CLICK THE PICTURE TO "BUY IT NOW"

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