Monday, April 15, 2013

1959 Vintage Print Article / Photos - 1959 Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph, with careful attention to the rider's requirements and preferences, has inaugurated man changes for 1959 and announces several completely new models which include the following: 40 cu. in. bgonneville 120; 30.50 cu. in. Streamliners; Cub lightweights; and two motor sizes in the new Tigress scooter. Other models ranging from 175cc to 650c are: T110 road Cruiser; TR6-A Trophybird Road Sports; TR6-B Trophybird Scrambler; 6T Thunderbird; T100Tiger; TR5-AD Trophy Road Sports; 3TA Twenty-One Streamliner; T100-RS 30.50 cu. in. racer; T20 Road Cub; T20-J Junior Cub; and a T20-CA Road Sports Tiger Cub. 1959 Triumph Motorcycles 2-Page Article available at CLICK THE PICTURE TO "BUY IT NOW"

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