Monday, August 13, 2012

1975 Yamaha DT400B Enduro - George Elliott says, "I'd buy a Yamaha"

"Don't tell anybody I told you, but the DT-400 B is the best big-bore Enduro around. My name is George Elliott. I'm a test-rider, motocross racer, and editorial director of Popular Cycling Magazine. I wouldn't want this to get around I have a reputation of being a very tough critic - but I cam away from riding the DT400B saying things like "great" and "terrific. The DT400B has the best enduro engine that I've ever tested. The engine literally pulls like a locomotive. Low speed and mid-range performance is phenomenal - which means that you can climb fearsome hills and plow through tough terrain that youo just wouldn't try with other bikes. On road, this bike will give you all the speed you need and then some! It handles well, brakes well, and like other Yamahas, it'll wear well. "If it were my money (and I didn't take a nickel for doing this ad), I'd buy a Yamaha DT400-B, the gest big-bore on-road off-road bike around." 1975 Yamaha DT400B Enduro George Elliot 2-Page Ad available at

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