Friday, August 10, 2012

1975 Vintage Ad - The Harley-Davidson Man

There's a certain kind of man who won't settle for second best. The Harley-Davidson Man. You'll recognize him in a lot of different ways. Confident. But not arrogant. Confident because he knows he's riding a beautiful piece of machinery. A motorcycle that has evolved with a tradition of over 70 years of engineering excellence and leadership. Another way you know him is by the way he takes care of his bike. It's always in tip-top shape. A matter of pride. Another thing. He knows how to ride. Cruising coast to coast or churning through the boonies, he knows how to keep himself, and his machine, under control. He knows the rules and respects the rights of others. He doesn't show off. He doesn't have to. He's the Harley-Davidson Man. Think you can make the grade? 1975 The Harley-Davidson Man 2-Page Ad available at

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