Friday, August 3, 2012

1970 BMW - Son of Old Smoothie

Out of Bavaria they came. Surging yet silent wraiths of power. They stormed the highways of America, setting records for long distance runs and smoth mechanical perfection. For fifteen years the old smoothies had no equal. But now they have a successor. A whole new series of BMW's bred on the racetrack and in the rough for one purpose alone. Sport. The new machines - 500, 600 and 750 cc are lighter. Faster. More powerful than their forebears. With stronger frames, rugged drive shafts, better brakes, long-stroke forks, they're made to be ridden hard on the road or in the rough. And no matter where you take them, they handle better than anything else in their class. If BMW's youth shows, so does its breeding. You can see it in the classic lines, the famous horizontally-opposed cylinders. And even before you get close enough to see the white-and-blue propeller emblem of the Bavarian Motor Works, you know it is, it just has to be... The son of Old Smoothie. 1970 BMW Motorcycle Son of Old Smoothie Ad available at

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