Wednesday, August 1, 2012

1970 American Eagle McCormack Eagle Cheeta 350 takes on the Honda 350CL

Take on the competition. Just for fun we put our McCormack Eagle Cheeta 350 up against the Honda 350CL. Here are some of the results: We're two-cycle. They're 4. We produce 2.1 hp per cube. They produce 1.6. Hmmm. Our 338cc air-cooled engine develops 42 brake hp at 8000 rpms. The Honda 350 with 325 cc's revs a little higher with 33 hp at 9500 rpms. Horsepower to weight ratio. A big point right? Ours is 7.85 lbs per horse. The Honda works a little harder with 10.45 lbs per horse. Now you have an idea why we take the SS 1/4 in a hair over 13 secs. They come in just under 16 secs. We top end at 110+. They, at 96+. Honda 350 is a good machine. Ours? Well, the facts speak for themselves. We welcome competition. Hope they welcome us. 1970 Yamaha L5-TA Trailmaster 100 Ad available at

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