Wednesday, December 28, 2011

1985 Honda CR250R Race Test - Riding with big Mo & the Red tide

On the Cover: Lance Moorewood puts the all-new Honda CR250R through its paces at freeway-close Corona Raceway

Bikes: 1985 Yamaha YZs, 1985 Honda CR250 Test, 1985 KTM 250MX Test; Features: Bob Hannah Tells You - how to pass and make it stick; 1984 CR250R Buyer's Guide; David Bailey Tells You - how to handle 500cc's of pure power; Malcolm Smith Super Bag; Broc Glover Tells You - how to get the ultimate holeshot and live to brag about it; Johnny O'Mara Tells You - how to whip your one-two-five to victory; Sport: 1984 National Championships Wrap-Up; San Diego Arenacross; Motocross in Europe; Personalities - Pederson, Johnson, and Beier relate facts of life; more

CR250 CR-250 250-MX

1984 December Motocross Action Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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