Wednesday, December 21, 2011

1974 Cycle Guide Magazine Motorcycle Road Tests / Specs

Cover Photo: The Kawasaki 750, the Suzuki Exacta, the OSSA Phanton, and the Yamaha 650 got together one day to discuss what they were going to say about the Cycle Guide staff.

Road Tests: Kawasaki 750 Mach IV H2B, OSSA 250 Phantom, Yamaha TX650A, Suzuki RL250 Exacta; Technical: Improved two-stroke cooling; Superbowl: Motocross on a rug; Beech Bend National Drags - the 12 cylinder Honda appears; Features: Russ Sanford and M.O.R.E.; Journey through Latin America; The Wild Last Ride of Liverlip Harper; more

TX650 TX-650 RL-250

1974 September Cycle Guide Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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