Thursday, December 22, 2011

1965 American Motorcycling Magazine Cover Photo - Gary Nixon & Roger Reiman battling it out

Cover: The grand finale. Nixon and Reiman, dueling as if it were Daytona, streak around the polished concrete oval laid out in the Cincinnati Gardens. This slick surface is the base for the basketball court of the Cincinnati Royals and looks and feels like ice. Spills came with regularity, but no one was hurt and announcer J.R. Kelley finally gave up counting them.

Contents: Triumph-Baltimore's 14th Sales-Service School; BSA Dealer Meeting and Service School; Blond on Motorcycle is Secretary, mother of two; William E. Kennedy Elected AMA President; Cincinnati Gardens Indoor Short Track; Harley-Davidson Service School in 49th year; A Shopping Center Cycle Store; This Booming Motorcycle Business; Western BSA Dealer Meeting; Pete Coleman appointed General Magager; more

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