Tuesday, December 20, 2011

1972 Suzuki "Put Your Money On a Sure Thing"

No one gives you more performance for the dirt more ways than Suzuki. Bet on it. If you're picking winners in the dirt field, Suzuki's the front runner. We've got more to pick from -in models, in variety, in performance, in reliability. Fast runners. Agile hillclimbers. Tough mudders. From 50cc minibikes all the way to 400cc motocrossers...Need a hot tip? Put your money on a sure thing - Suzuki. 12 different models in all: TM-400, TS-400, TM-250, TS-250, TS-185, TC-125, TS-125, TC-90, TS-90, RV-90, TS-50, MT-50

TM400 TS400 TM250 TS250 TS185 TC125 TS125 TC90 TS90 RV90 TS50 MT50

1972 Suzuki "Put Your Money On a Sure Thing" 2-Page Ad available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

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