Friday, January 31, 2014

1976 June 5, Speedway Star Motorcycle Racing Magazine

Front Cover: Ian Clark; Back Cover: left to right: Bob Humphreys, Dave Jessup, Reading and Barry Briggs, Hull; Other Photos inside include: Ellesmere Port - Gerald Smitherman, Geoff Jones, John Jackson, Wayne Hughes, Steve Finch, Chris Turner, Robbie Gardner; Leicester: Tony Lomas, Greg Szczepanik, Doug Underwood, Ernst Bogh, Roger Hill (Manager), Ray Wilson (captain), Ile Teromaa, Reidar Eide; Stories include: Malcolm Simmons wins Internationale; Cudas hopes will go for a Burton!; Brummies win at last; more 1976 June 5, Speedway Star Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at Digg It! Stumble Delicious Technorati Twitter Facebook
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