Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1934 August Harley-Davidson Enthusiast Motorcycle Magazine

Cover Picture: Steep, rough hills and narrow, woodland trails hold no terrors for the motorcyclist. The superior power and maneuverability of his mount make it possible for him to reach places inaccessible to the autoist. Tichigan Lake, Wisconsin, is the scene of this month's cover picture, featuring Carl Griesbacher, Secretary of the Milwaukee Motorcycle Club. Contents: Harley-Davidson in Six-Hour, Howard Almond, Winner; Louis Balinski and Joe Petrali Star at Frederick, Md.; 1934 Gypsy Tours a Great Success; J.B. Jones Stars in T.T. at Dallas, Texas; 80-Mile an hour speeder no match for motorcycle officer Elmer Joyce of the Cincinnati, Ohio Police Department; Druggists find Harley-Davidsons Ideal Delivery Units; Night Speedway Racing; more 1934 August Harley-Davidson Enthusiast Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com CLICK THE PICTURE TO "BUY IT NOW"

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