Monday, March 4, 2013

Indian Motorcycle Illustrated - George Renfro's 1936 "Hollywood" Chief

Cover Photo: George Renfro's 1936 "Hollywood" Chief; Features: A Star is Reborn - George Renfro's 1936 Chief was a Hollywood extra. Now it's a show stopper; Belt-Drive Beauty - Mort Wood's 1912 Single is original and unrestored - down to its belt; Death Rider - Don Miller's 1930 101 Scout is a true Wall of Death thrill bike; A Family Affair - Eldon Raasch's 1913 Single is not your average hand me down; Coastal Cruiser - Steve Ciccalone and his 1931 Four are making heads turn all along the eastern seaboard; One Rare Racer - Art Delor's 1948 Big-Base is a blend of style and speed; People's Choice - Don Huber's 1940 Four is dressed to the nines; Royal Air Force Flyer - Denis Chorlton's 741 B Scout is a WWII veteran; Sturgis; Coda for the Chief - Pat Emick's 1953 Chief is the last of a great breed; Sidehack Special - Pete Bollenbach's 1946 Chief/sidecar outfit is as functional as it is beautiful; more 1995 January Indian Motorcycle Illustrated Magazine Back-Issue available at CLICK THE PICTURE TO "BUY IT NOW"

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