Friday, March 8, 2013

Indian Motorcycle Illustrated - Dale Walksler's 1930 Indian Hillclimber

Contents: Over the Hill - Dale Walksler's 1930 Indian Hillclimber; Charles B. Franklin - designer of the machines manufactured in Springfield, Massachusetts, during the so-called "classic" period between the wars; Just another Hillclimber? - we think not, R.L. Jones' Hillclimber is all business; New Indian Motorcycle launched in New Mexico; Wild Bill's '05 Indian - a rare Camelback Single from the Big Apple; Indian's last war cry - say what you will, Dean Black still loves his 1951 Warrior; Indians on the "Wall of Death"; Kevin Hillyard's 1928 101 Scout; Robert Bruce Bell's 1950 Indian Chief; Cloud Cushioned Ride - this 1913 Indian Twin boasts more than Indian reliability; Indians in San Buenaventura; Ken Chieffo's Scout schools the competition; For Competition Only - this 1934 Scout, with rider Rusty Lowry gripping the handlebars, clinched the #1 plate in 1992, lost it in 1993, and wants it back in 1994; more 1994 Autumn Indian Motorcycle Illustrated Magazine Back-Issue available at CLICK THE PICTURE TO "BUY IT NOW"

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