Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1973 Norton Commando Interstate 750 - ''Fulfilment''

Fulfilment...of a dream. Haven't you always longed to join them? The carefree, breakaway people who leave the rat-race a thousand miles behind to search for that one pulse-quickening, exhilarating experience by which all others will be judged? But your friends didn't approve of your escapist philosophy. Such things don't happen in real life, they said. Maybe. But the day you glimpsed your first Commando Interstate on the horizon you knew they were wrong. The thrill of recognition proclaimed that here at last was al the challenge you'd been waiting for. With that virile engine and unmatched Norton rideability, race-proved for dynamic performance on and off the freeway, who couldn't reach the heights? So, find your nearest dealer, but remember, don't just try a bike, try a Norton - it's your dream-maker. Shown: Commando Interstate with high performance Combat engine, Norton-Lockheed hydraulic front disc brake and 6 gallon long-distance gastank. Color options: midnight blue and candy apple. 1973 Norton Commando Interstate 750 ''Fulfilment'' Ad available at CLICK THE PICTURE TO "BUY IT NOW"

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