Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1939 September Harley-Davidson Enthusiast Magazine Back-Issue

Cover Story: 1940 Harley-Davidson Models - They've Got What it Takes! Greetings Folks! Here's your ol' Uncle Hap Hayes all steamed up and anxious to tell you about the new 1940 models. Did you notice the lad on the preceding page with the big satisfied grin stretching from ear to ear? Take it from me, he certainly said a mouthful when he exclaimed that the sleek new Harley-Davidsons "have what it takes." He's right, but he didn't make it strong enough - they've got everything! During the coming year, these sparkling 1940 Harley-Davidsons are going to make thousands of happy owners everywhere thrill with the pride of owning the finest motorcycles that ever roamed the highways...Now let's go on and inspect these swell new Harley-Davidsons feature by feature... Contents: 1940 Harley-Davidson Models - 45 Twin, aluminum heads; 45 Twin, cast iron heads; 61 OHV; 80 Twin, aluminum heads; 74 Twin, cast iron heads; Sidecar with Big Twin; Police Model; Package Truck; Model GD Servi-Car; Model G Servi-Car; Motorcycle Day at the New York World's Fair; News from the Club World; more Reverse Cover Advertisement: 1939 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Clothing and Leather Jackets 1939 September Harley-Davidson Enthusiast Magazine Back-Issue available at CLICK THE PICTURE TO "BUY IT NOW"

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