Friday, September 7, 2012

1939 November Harley-Davidson Enthusiast Magazine Back-Issue

Cover Photo: Fall brings new joys to the lucky owner of a Harley-Davidson. Even though the green of summer has faded into dull gray and brown, a ride down a winding road will reveal many beautiful scenes. the heavy clouds and the bare fields, in this month's cover picture, remind us that the fall season is with us once again and that sultry summer days are over. Make themost of this fine motorcycle weather! Contents: 200-Mile National Speedway Championship goes Harley-Davidson - Jack Cottrell winner; J.B. Jones and Tommy Hays Retain National Miniature T.T. Championships; All Six National Class C Hillclimb Championships Won by Harley-Davidson; Ten Thousand Trips Over San Francisco Bay Bridge - Scotty Black, ace dispatch rider for the Oakland Tribune; Victory Parade Continues On Hill, Road and Track; Favorite of the Mounted Officer; Favorite Harley-Davidson Gifts for Motorcyclists; Gossip from the Clubs; more Reverse Cover Advertisement: The New 1940 Harley-Davidsons - Tops for Fun and Thrills! The great new 1940 Harley-Davidson Motorcycles assure you more pleasure from every new, advanced feature. 1939 November Harley-Davidson Enthusiast Magazine Back-Issue available at CLICK THE PICTURE TO "BUY IT NOW"

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