Friday, October 1, 2010

1979 Kawasaki KDX400 motorcycle Test - Bye-bye Ol' Blue

Cover: Chet Carman and the Kawasaki KDX400 tip-toe through the trout

Contents: Tests: SWM 175 quasi-test exclusive, Honda XL125S, Kawasaki KDX400, Honda CM400T; Competition: 125 USGP - Mark Barnett's Baby; Superbowl of Motocross - night train; G.N.C. Amateur National - good times in Rio Bravo; Dragbike! National; Features: Yamaha TZ125G; Eleck Rider; $10000 Ducati; Open-Class CR, impression riding Mugen "Factory" 360 Honda; Tech: Kix-Trix - Kawasaki 125/250 Hop-up; Superbike Wrap; more

KDX-400 XL125-S XL-125 CM400-T CM-400 TZ125-G TZ-125

1979 December Modern Cycle Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue - Kawasaki available at

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