Friday, October 1, 2010

1972 Testing the 360 Yamahas - RT2 MX & RT2 Enduro

Cover: 360 Yamahas - RT2 MX & RT2 Enduro - potent pair designed for the off-roader and the moto-crosser

Contents: Test: 360 Yamaha RT2 MX, 360 Yamaha RT2 Enduro, Bultaco Pursang 125, BSA 750 Rocket Three; Impression: Harley-Davidson Baja 100; Mini World Grand Prix; Fairing Facts; Timing a two-stroke twin; Profile: Joel Robert; Suzuki Moto Cross Conversion pt. 2; The Honda XL-250 (XL250); The Japanese Motorcycle Industry; New Greeves Griffon; Yamaha 90 Conversion; Montgomery Street Motorcycle Club; Miss Modern Cycle; more

1972 April Modern Cycle Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue - Yamaha available at

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