Friday, October 1, 2010

1979 Custom Bike: Harley-Davidson XLS

Cover: Harley-Davidson XLS; Special V-Twin Issue - Feature Bikes: Harleys from East to West

Contents: Road Tests: Harley-Davidson XLS, Harley-Davidson FXS (Mini-test); Special Interest: XLS Buyer's Guide; It Happened at ATCO; Marion's Big Bang; Thunder on the Salt - Warner Riley goes to Bonneville with S&S Cycle; Feature Bikes: Perennial Panhead; Saturday Night Fever; Detroit Iron; Tech: Waiting for Milwaukee - if Harley-Davidson doesn't modernize their act somebody will have to do it for them; Breaker Point Pointers; High-Voltage Hybrid; Tranny Transformation - The Sportster Cog Box gets added brawn; more

1979 February Custom Bike Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue - Harley-Davidson available at

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