Friday, April 18, 2014

1950 June Cycle Magazine - Harley-Davidson "61" Road Test

Cover Photo: With the beautiful San Jacinto Mountains forming a natural backdrop to the renowned Box Springs Grade T.T. course, the riders shown are sweeping through one of the fastest left-hand turns on the track. Photograph reveals the excellent surface, width of course, and rolling nature of this track. The Box Springs lay-out has been acclaimed beautiful but tricky. Contents: Editor's Viewpoint; The Plymouth Monster - 200 MPH aspirant 16 years ago; Indian nifties for the '50's - oldest U.S. manufacturer plans newest improvements; California Season opens at Riverside - 1950 tees off with T.T Card; Crater Camp Field Meet - Southern California Motorcycle Club's Annual "Do"; British Motorcycles on Display at Grand Central Palace; The NSU Fox - Germany's entrant in the lightweight Field; Testing the Harley-Davidson "61" Twin; Helpful Mathematics for Motorcyclists; Bulletins from Britain; History of Famous British Motorcycles AJS; A.M.A. Competition Rules for 1950; The Curtain rises on "The Greenhorn" - May 27, 1950; Interesting Motorcycle Pictures from here and there; more 1950 June Cycle Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at CLICK THE PICTURE TO "BUY IT NOW" Back Cover Advertisement: Again in 1950 Triumph Leads the Field This vintage motorcycle ad shows the 1950 model Triumph motorcycles with descriptions and retail prices. Thunderbird 6T - 40 cu. inch (650 cc) $678.48 Tiger 100 T100 - 30.50 cu. inch (500 cc) $699.17 Speed Twin 5T - 30.50 cu. inch (500 cc) $659.80 Trophy Model TR - 30.50 cu. inch (500 cc) $706.49 Deluxe 3T 21 cu. inch (350 cc) $599.09 Digg It! Stumble Delicious Technorati Twitter Facebook
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