Monday, March 3, 2014

1974 Kawasaki MC-1 - Growing up is dumb

Growing up is dumb. Growing up is when you get things you need for your birthday instead of what you want. Maybe I need socks and shirts and stuff like that. But I want a motorcycle. A Kawasaki MC1. It's small enough for me and a lot of fun. I'd always ride safe and careful. Jerry has one and he's always takin' off with his dad on Saturdays. And dad and I could take off too and find neat trails and have lots of good adventures. It doesn't even cost much. So maybe if I keep cutting the grass every week, keep doing stuff around the house, keep saving every penny from my paper route, maybe next year I can buy one. I mean, if I'm grown up enough to get three pairs of socks, I must be grown up enough to ride a Kawasaki. So how come nobody else understands that? 1974 Kawasaki MC-1 "Growing up is dumb" 2-Page Ad available at CLICK THE PICTURE TO "BUY IT NOW" Digg It! Stumble Delicious Technorati Twitter Facebook
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