Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2003 Mark Elam, All-American Chopper - Frank-O's All American

Bike Features: 2002 Mitch Bergeron Custom - Evenings Satisfaction; 2000 Wicked Yamaha - It all started on Duval Street; 2003 West Coast Choppers - Choppers for Life!; 2003 Curtis Classon's Custom - Flying High For Freedom; 2003 Baron Custom Cycles - Mean Gangster Wrap; 2003 Kendall Johnson Customs - Creating a Solar Storm - Timmy Ferguson's KJC Sunset Special; 2002 Billet 4-U Road Warrior - Old Faithful; 2000 MTM Road Star - This is Spinal Tap - Jamie Weaver; 2003 Mark Elam, All-American Chopper - Frank-O's All American; Master Builder - Indian Larry; Doug Keim - owner of Creative Cycles; Lady Bike Builder - Tanya Doyle; more 2004 June V-Twin Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at CLICK THE PICTURE TO "BUY IT NOW"

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