Thursday, June 6, 2013

1964 Honda Super Hawk - 24 reasons why you can't beat it

1. 305cc over-square, overhead cam engine 2. 27.4 HP @ 9000 RPM. 3. Compression Ration - 10:1 4. Dual carburetors 5. Dual ignition system 6. 12 volt electrical system 7. From and rear brakes of 8" diameter 8. Crankshaft rests in 4 main bearings. 9. Connecting rods ride on needle bearings 10. Centrifugal oil filter 11. Engine and transmission of unit construction for lower weight, oil tightness 12. Oil is housed in a deep heavily finned crankcase and pressure fed to all points 13. The transmission main shaft is totally suspended in ball bearings that are pressure fed. 14. Electric Starting 15. 18" wheels 16. Sealed-beam headlight 17. Tachometer and speedometer standard equipment 18. Rear shock absorbers are adjustable to 3 degrees of ride control 19. Rider's foot pegs are adjustable in 3 positions as are foot controls 20. Exhaust system is factory tuned for best HP output 21. Dual saddle for greater comfort 22. Key-locked steering head 23. Top speed 110 mph 24. The Super Hawk combines the riding quality of a heavy weight, with the performance and handling qualities of a racing machine. 1964 Honda Super Hawk - 24 reasons why you can't beat it Ad available at CLICK THE PICTURE TO "BUY IT NOW"

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