Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Spring 1975 Cycle Hop-Up Magazine - So you want to hop up your bike

Bike Hopups: 750 Honda Four Goodies - Dunstall makes it happen; Punching up the Harley Knuckle; 500 Kawasak Setup; 650 Yamaha Turn-On; Yamaha DT1 Suspension Perfection; Harley Sportster Street Racer; Big Spark for BSAs; Harley + Mikuni = Breathing; 185 Suzuki Power Program; 450 Honda Turn-On; Blown Harley Rail Job; 350 Honda Tuneup Trip; BMW + VW = Go; Technical: So You Want To Hop Up Your Bike; Cool It!; Chain Chatter; Tuneup Instruments; All About Horsepower; New Hope for Dead Heads; 2-Stroke Fundamentals; Handling and Suspension; Girth control; more 1975 Spring Cycle Hop-Up Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at CLICK THE PICTURE TO "BUY IT NOW"

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