Monday, November 26, 2012

1972 Triumph Tiger 650 - Son of Bonneville - vintage motorcycle ad

Like father, like Tiger. When it comes to power and performance, Triumph’s Tiger 650 is a chip off the old champion. Tiger’s 4-stroke OHV twin is a direct descendant of Bonneville’s classic power plant – the same basic engine that began winning races for Triumph some quarter of a million bikes ago. The same engine that helped power Gene Romero to his ’71 AMA Grand National Championship. But Tiger is fed through a single Amal 30mm concentric carburetor. So although the engine is heavy on horses and torque, it's lighter on the gas. And its single-carb simplicity assures clean low torque performance. Tiger is built like "big daddy," too. With a double down tube frame that's hand-welded for double strength. Through-The-Frame Oil System that makes an oil tank an antique. And precision hydraulic forks, double-damped with 6-3/4" of travel. Lightness figures big in Tiger's cat-like roadability. It has a lightweight frame and forks, plus conical hubs that cut unsprung weight. Triumph's Tiger 650. We call it Son of Bonneville, but it's nobody's kid brother. 1972 Triumph Tiger 650 - Son of Bonneville Ad available at CLICK THE PICTURE TO "BUY IT NOW"

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