Thursday, January 29, 2009

Antique Motorcycle Photos & 1914 Indian Hendee Special

This is a combination of 2 articles published in 1970 that are related. The first is a 2 page photo spread of antique motorcycle pictures and old sayings. The 2nd is a 4-page article on the Indian Hendee Special - A 1914 Pushbutton Pioneer. Full articles available here.

Antique Motorcycles shown:

1885 Daimler-Niederrad

Monet Goyon Circa 1920

1898 250cc De Dion Tricycle

1912 998cc Matchless, with Rallyeist ( and Motocross Ace Vic Eastwood)

1898 222cc Birks & Perks Motor Wheel

1914 987cc Harley Davidson, with Rallyeist

1903 269cc Anglian

1913 118cc Wall Auto Wheel

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