Wednesday, May 21, 2014

1974 Yamaha Bicycle - the motocrossin' Moto-Bike

When a Yamaha rider rolls his motorcycle off the trailer, he knows his chances of winning the race are better than most. That's because Yamaha has a tradition of building motorcycles that win. Now Yamaha has built another winner. It's not a motorcycle. Yet, it's hardly a bicycle. It's the Yamaha MotoBike. Built especially for bicycle motocross. At the heart of the Moto-Bike is a real Yamaha motocross type frame. And unlike many other bicycles, the Yamaha Motobike has shock absorbers: oil-dampened in front; spring-loaded in back. It's got motorcycle handlebars and grips. Heavy-duty spokes and wheels and motocross tires round out the Moto-Bike bicycle. With a Yamaha Motobike, you get the mechanical superiority people have come to expect from Yamaha. You also get a share in the Yamaha tradition of winning. From Yamaha, people have come to expect that, too. Someday, you'll own a Yamaha. 1974 Yamaha Moto-Bike Motocross Bicycle Ad available at Here is another vintage ad for the 1975 Yamaha Motobike, which is a moto-cross bicycle made by Yamaha. This vintage ad is in the form of a cartoon or comic strip and is titled, "Adventures of Moto-Bike Mike" - It's the day of the big bicycle motocross finals. Moto-Bike Mike vs. his arch-rival Bermhead Bob... To search our full inventory of Vintage Motorcycle Advertisements, Articles, and Road Tests CLICK HERE. Digg It! Stumble Delicious Technorati Twitter Facebook
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