Friday, February 7, 2014

1977 Suzuki GS550 4-Stroke Four: The new state of the art.

You already know what our GS750 is all about. Cycle magazine sang it out loud and clear. Now comes the GS550. And in its class, we feel it's every bit as good as its bigger brother. And it should be. Because the GS550 was built to establish a new criteria just like the GS750. The engine of the GS550 is powerful. With extraordinary acceleration and top-end speed. Yet its ride is quiet and nearly vibrationless...Forget your troubles. Get on Suzuki. 1977 Suzuki GS550 4-Stroke Four 2-Page Ad available at CLICK THE PICTURE TO "BUY IT NOW" Digg It! Stumble Delicious Technorati Twitter Facebook
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